HIPAA Certification



HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a federally-implemented and nationally-applicable standard in the healthcare niche. It is applicable to all entities handling Patient Health Information (PHI). If such business entities don't follow HIPAA benchmarks for accessing, saving, sharing or using privileged PHI, they are liable to face severe legal consequences. Thus, ensuring HIPAA compliance is vital for employees besides typical healthcare industry professionals like physicians, nurses and medical technicians. Even the administrative staff and new hires across different departments should be well-versed with HIPAA basics.

This is why healthcare organizations have started endorsing training courses for making their staff HIPAA-compliant. This training is provided in the form of HIPAA Certification Courses-also referred to as HIPAA Compliance courses since most of these are aimed at making healthcare professionals understand importance of HIPAA, requirements for achieving organizational HIPAA compliance and implications of violation these standards.

HIPAA Certification is offered by many private organizations via the online mode. Please note that HIPAA certification courses are not being provided by the federal government or any authority endorsed by it. Thus, HIPAA certification provided by private organizations is the contemporary norm.

Courses like HIPAA Compliance Training emphasize upon Security and Privacy Rule requirements where trainees are provided study material apart from online, data or reference support and upon successful completion of training, a course certificate is awarded.

The more comprehensive courses in this niche are dedicated at preparing thorough, Certified HIPAA Professionals. Here, healthcare transactions, privacy issues and identifiers are explored in a more intensive manner. This might also include training upon security and medical coding sets used in clinical facilities and billing centers.

Examples of the highest level of HIPAA certifications include HIPAA Security Specialist or HIPAA Administrator courses. These are highly-specialized courses, aimed at selective personnel. For instance, the HIPAA Security Specialist course provides targeted training in security compliance issues while the HIPAA Administrator certification is aimed at explaining how HIPAA regulations affect managing employees in a healthcare workplace.